Nippon/Norway Svalbard Meteor Radar


The Nippon / Norway Svalbard Meteor Radar (NSMR), is a so-called "meteor wind"  radar (MWR), operates at 31 MHz and is located in Adventdalen approximately 10km SW of Longyearbyen. The antenna system consists of  five receiver antennas arranged in a "Jones et al. cross" and one transmitter antenna  All antennas are 3-element crossed Yagis. Average power is only around 500W but this is spread over almost all the sky (and thus a negligible radiation hazard) in order to "pick up" as many meteor trails as possible. Echoes are mostly from around 90km altitude, and wind blowing the meteor trails is one parameter measured by the radar. The rate at which the meteor trails fade gives information on temperature of the surrounding atmosphere. 

The system operates automatically 24/7, providing wind and temperature data every 30 minutes. Otherwise technical details of this and similar, or related, systems can be found at ATRAD

Additional infomation and a selection of data may be found via the links below. The data provided here are not intended for publication or research, but to illustrate the potential of the radar. Anyone proposing a scientific publication resulting from use of NSMR data is required to invite co-authorships from the supporting scientists: Prof. C. Hall, and Dr. M. Tsutsumi.

Most recent quickplots from yesterday:
sky-map of echoes, decay times & diffusion coefficients, winds and echo histograms

Contact person for using the radar.
The radar is jointly operated by the University of Tromsø (Norway) and the National Institute of Polar Research (Japan).