Sousy Svalbard Radar


The Sousy Svalbard Radar (SSR), is a so-called "mesosphere-stratosphere-troposphere" (MST) radar, operates at 53.5 MHz and is located in Adventdalen approximately 10km SW of Longyearbyen. The system is of the phased array type and as such has a low visual impact on the environment. Typical average power is only 200W - and thus a negligible radiation hazard (think of looking at 2 or 3 lightbulbs from several kilometers away).

The system can determine atmospheric parameters such as winds and turbulence from a few km altitude to over 100km and at a wide variety of spatial and temporal resolutions.

Additional infomation and a selection of data may be found via the links below. The data provided here are not intended for publication or research, but to illustrate the potential of the radar. Anyone proposing a scientific publication resulting from use of SSR data is required to invite co-authorships from the supporting scientists: Prof. C. Hall, and Prof. J. Röttger.

Fact sheets: powerpoint

right now:

weather and temperatures:
Server room (UiT Campus), weather (Tromsø), weather SOUSY office container (including indoors temperature) and temperature SOUSY radar container

Most recent quickplots MESOSPHERE and TROPOSPHERE (usually 1 day old, if available); "striping" in these quickplots is due to interleaving of the modes: 10 min troposphere + 10 min mesosphere.

Archive (filenames have form Syymmdd.png, where yy=year, mm= month and dd=day)
Later e.g. 2007Q3/mesosphere onwards have filenames of the form rti_yyyydddM.png
Later e.g. 2007Q3/tropoosphere onwards have filenames of the form rti_yyyydddT.png
(where ddd=day-number)

Contact person for using the radar and for Technical / Science questions.
The radar is also supported by Jicamarca Radio Observatory in Peru who designed and built a substantial part of the system. Operations in 2008 were suppported financially by the Norwegian Amundsen Centre and in 2009 by the Research Councli of Norway.